Your Part, Our Part

Your job is to get better. Our job is to help you get there — comfortably.

Doc Martin cares about you. She takes your problems and concerns seriously. She focuses on you and finding solutions. After all, the quality of your life may be at stake.

Along with giving you the best chiropractic care possible, we strive to provide you with a comfortable, supportive environment that will facilitate your timely return to feeling better, moving better, and living your best life with your family, work, and daily activities.

At Doc Martin Chiropractic, We Believe You Deserve:


Excellent Chiropractic Care

Doc Martin tailors each adjustment specifically for you to relieve your pain, help you get your life back, and boost your health.


Pain Relief

If you’re experiencing back pain or pain in your legs, hips, groin, neck, or head, and Doc Martin thinks she can help you, she wastes no time delivering the best chiropractic adjustments possible to help you get out pain.


Time Consciousness

Doc Martin aspires to never waste your time. She is very conscious and considerate of your time and aims to help you as soon as, or shortly after, you walk through her doors. In the event of an emergency patient needing immediate attention, she is always grateful for your patience.


Open Communication

Doc Martin urges you to talk freely with her about yourself, your history, and the issues for which you seek her expertise. She listens. After carefully considering everything you share with her, she proceeds forward to meet your individual needs. If she feels another chiropractor or healthcare professional may be a better option, she will let you know right away.



You’re the boss of you! Doc Martin may give you recommendations for the care appropriate for you and your problem, but, ultimately, it’s your choice whether to follow those recommendations. Doc Martin always respects you and the choices you make that are right for you.

Let’s work together to get you back to your best self!

“I have no more pain in my neck or back . . . no more headaches. I can run when I want and garden. I am more agile . . . and more cheerful…and better at work. No pain improves everything!"


Nancy Radich

Doc Martin's Patient

“Thank you, Dr. Leslie, you’ve given me my life back!”


Carrie Madison

Doc Martin's Patient

“I now have the ability to perform my job with increased strength and consistency – also without any pain, stiffness, or restrictions.” 


Sherry Canepa

Doc Martin's Patient

“I feel so good. My neck and back pain hardly ever come back now. Thank you with all my heart, Dr. Leslie, for helping me reclaim my life. You've inspired me to be responsible for my health and life.”


Lauretta Ehling

Doc Martin's Patient
“I have increased mobility, improved performance at work and home, improved sense of well-being, reduction of pain. If I feel better, I do everything better. It makes life more fun.”


Lorraine Sage

Doc Martin's Patient
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“We’ve Got Your Back!” – Doc Martin