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 Dr. Leslie Martin


Doc Martin’s Passion: Her Work.

They say if you love your work, you never work another day in your life. If that’s the case, Dr. Leslie Martin has never worked a day in her adult life.

32 Years of Experience.

As the director of her busy, private chiropractic practice, Dr. Leslie Van Romer joyfully served the people in Sequim, WA, relieving their pain, increasing their mobility and energy, and helping them live their best lives. Dr. Leslie was deeply grateful for her dear patients and honored by their trust and determination to work with her to get better.

Circle of Giving and Receiving.

Distinctive of the quintessential circle in life of giving and receiving, Dr. Leslie gave whole-heartedly to her patients, and they gave whole-heartedly to her. She loved her life and had no intention of leaving her practice, playground, or three grown children—ever!

And Then It Happened!

A seismic shift yanked Dr. Leslie from her idyllic life and plunged her headfirst into the uncharted, often turbulent waters of caregiving, dementia, and surprise—her mother’s opioid addiction. Evidently, The Lord had a new plan for Dr. Leslie.
Hold on tight. Reverse. Then, FAST FORWARD.

Life Is Fragile.

A terrible car/truck crash stole Dr. Leslie’s mother’s health, mobility, and independence. Even worse, it crushed her spirit. She could no longer perform the simplest of tasks necessary to take care of herself, Leslie’s father, and their household. Prior to the crash, at 82-years-young, Leslie’s mother enjoyed vibrant health, agility, and a sharp mind. That catastrophic moment stole the life she knew and loved. No more gardening, cooking, exercising, walking, activities with friends, driving, or caring for her beloved dog. Her health steadily declined.

Unbeknown to Leslie, due to the acute, severe back pain caused by a crushed vertebra in her back, her mom was prescribed hydrocodone—not just for a few days to get her out of acute, crippling back pain but for six years! The result: opioid addiction and progressing dementia.

Back in Sequim, WA.

Dr. Jim Martin, also a chiropractor, popped into Dr. Leslie’s life. They married. Dr. Leslie Van Romer became Dr. Leslie Martin (or Doc Martin). With a heavy heart, Doc Martin left behind her three grown children and dearly loved patients and moved to California to live with her husband.

Because Leslie’s time was freed up, every few weeks she flew back and forth from California to Anderson, S.C., to take care of her parents. The more time Doc Martin spent with her parents, the more distraught she became. She was desperate to help them more, but how could she–her parents lived in South Carolina, and she lived in California?


The Lord Spoke. The Martins Listened. A Leap of Faith.

Within seven months of Leslie’s arrival in California, the Martins moved to Anderson, S.C., leaving the state Jim loved, his brother and best friend, and his good job with no prospect of another. Leslie’s parents needed help. With perhaps a year to eighteen months to live, her mom was quickly slipping away.

Leslie hopped into her new role as daily caregiver for her mom, and then for both her mom and dad. Shortly after Leslie’s and her husband’s arrival, Leslie’s dad was also diagnosed with dementia. Within one year after embracing her caregiving calling, with the invaluable guidance and support from her mother’s new medical doctor, Leslie weaned her mom from hydrocodone, thus enabling her to regain a small portion of the life she enjoyed prior to the crash.

Shortly after arriving in Anderson, Jim walked through the open door to the perfect job.

 Dr. Leslie Martin

Happy Ending.

Over eight years after the Doc Martins moved to Anderson, Leslie’s now 95-year-old mom continues to enjoy and be comforted by the familiar face and presence of her daily buddy, her daughter, Leslie. A thyroid medication is her only prescription drug. She takes one Tylenol a day. At almost 92-years-old, Leslie’s dad passed away. Because Leslie’s mother doesn’t remember her husband of 72 years, she is not burdened with grief—one of dementia’s hidden blessings.

Leslie will be forever grateful for this season shared with her mother, a precious season of mother-daughter giving and receiving. If Leslie can give to her dear mother a small fraction of the love, security, and comfort her mom gave to her all her life, then Leslie’s prayer will be answered.

(On September 5, 2021, my precious mother peacefully passed away in her home with my brother, Garry, and me by her side.)

A New Beginning.

Doc Martin never stopped missing her strong connection with her patients and her practice. Her life passion continued to tug at her heart strings, a relentless magnetizing pull to help people reclaim their lives with chiropractic care.

Doc Martin could no longer resist. With her South Carolina license and up-to-date continuing education requirements, Doc Martin opened the doors to Doc Martin Chiropractic. She is extremely honored and humbled to serve you. Please come in and say, “Hello.”

“Let’s get acquainted!”

Anderson, South Carolina. Home.

Because the Doc Martins grew to love Anderson, the surrounding area, the beach, their church, and especially the people, Anderson is now home for them. They have replanted their roots into the heart of Anderson, S.C., and even more so with their commitment to you and Doc Martin Chiropractic.

“I have no more pain in my neck or back . . . no more headaches. I can run when I want and garden. I am more agile . . . and more cheerful…and better at work. No pain improves everything!"


Nancy Radich

Doc Martin's Patient

“Thank you, Dr. Leslie, you’ve given me my life back!”


Carrie Madison

Doc Martin's Patient

“I now have the ability to perform my job with increased strength and consistency – also without any pain, stiffness, or restrictions.” 


Sherry Canepa

Doc Martin's Patient

“I feel so good. My neck and back pain hardly ever come back now. Thank you with all my heart, Dr. Leslie, for helping me reclaim my life. You've inspired me to be responsible for my health and life.”


Lauretta Ehling

Doc Martin's Patient
“I have increased mobility, improved performance at work and home, improved sense of well-being, reduction of pain. If I feel better, I do everything better. It makes life more fun.”


Lorraine Sage

Doc Martin's Patient
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“Sometimes all you need is a big leap of faith.” – Sean Bean