“Best I’ve felt in my life!” Good riddance neck pain, back pain, and headaches!

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Hidden behind those pretty eyes and stunning smile was pain—gripping pain
in her neck, head, upper back, and right arm. The pain was constant. That grinding,
“all-the-time” kind of pain that persists all day, follows you to bed, keeps you awake,
and snarls at you in the morning.

Repeat. Day after day. Night after night. For eleven, long years.

Her name was Ashley, a lovely, 33-year-old woman who walked through my door
not long ago—desperate for help—and hope.

Hope that the pain would stop. Thinking it never would.

The crash. The consequences.

A horrific crash flipped Ashley’s car three times. Her car was crushed.

Ashley survived, albeit left with serious injuries and terrible pain that
refused to quit.

While reaching for his dropped cell phone, the driver of a truck,
traveling about 50 mph, crossed the center line as he crested a hill.

He crashed head on into the oncoming car. Ashley’s car.

Ashley never saw him coming.

One second of distracted driving = 11 long years of suffering for one
innocent 22-year-old victim.

MONSTER Migraines.

Even as a young child and teenager, Ashley was tormented by headaches.
In fact, she didn’t remember life without headaches—cluster headaches,
the doctors called them.

After the crash, Ashley’s “regular” headaches frequently raged into
incapacitating, monster migraines.

Migraines, in addition to the constant neck pain, upper back pain,
and arm pain and numbness.

No help. No hope.

Ashley searched for help. Medical doctors, specialists, physical therapists,
massage therapists, and a chiropractor.

Desperate for relief, she even endured monthly trigger point injections
across the back of her head and down her neck.

Nothing worked.

Meds got her through a migraine, but the next migraine always lurked
around the corner.

A different doctor. A different approach.

Ashley discovered my office in a round-about way. She was worried sick
about her husband, trapped in a three-year nightmare of severe, low back pain.
Her friend suggested that he give her chiropractor (me) a try. After his low back
pain got better, way better, her husband encouraged Ashley to see if
I could help her too.

Optimistic but no promises.

On her first visit, I explained to Ashley that within a few visits we both would know
whether I could help her—or not.

Given the seriousness of the crash, injuries sustained, and the long track record
with well-intended, but failed attempts by a team of healthcare professionals,
I couldn’t promise Ashley (or myself) that she would benefit from my chiropractic

However, based on my training and experience with people afflicted with
similar issues, I was quietly optimistic. Didn’t want to give her false hopes.

One visit. A no-headache morning.

<Ding.> A text from Ashley. It came the morning after her first adjustment.

“First time in years I didn’t wake up with a headache.
I’m over the moon!”

After eleven years of waking up every day with a headache, a “no-headache
morning” was a huge jumpstart out of the gate. We were both encouraged.

“Best I’ve felt in my life!”

A couple of weeks later, Ashley dashed into my office, bouncing (literally)
out of her skin. Super exciting news. “This is the best I’ve felt in my life!” she cried.
Because she had no recollection of life without pain, her words rang true.

“You’ve not only helped me, but you’ve given me hope.”

Eye-Popping WOW!

Less than two months after starting care, Ashley spoke those four little,
but power-packed words:


I had to ask, “Really? No pain at all? No headache, no pain in your neck, back, or arm?”
Her insistent reply: “That’s right, I have no pain anywhere!”

The pain was gone. Imagine. Pain all your life and voila! The pain vanishes,
kind of like magic, chiropractic magic.

That must have blown Ashley’s mind. Rocked her world! It certainly rocked mine,
and I’m not the one who felt the pain/no pain transformation!

Happily, ever after . . .

Yes, the beautiful Princess Ashley lives happily-ever-after—with a little boost from her chiropractor now and again.

Unburdened by pain, Ashley can now live her best life. With her gut-deep determination, uplifting spirit, and loving heart, I’m confident that she’ll thrive and continue to radiate her sunshine wherever she goes.

And I am her enthusiastic, arm-waving cheerleader, jumping up and down for her from the sidelines of her life.

“Go, Ashley, go! Be all that The Lord created you to be!”