Chiropractors, Like Cats, Look Alike, Yet Are Distinctly Different!

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When you google chiropractors, they are clumped together
like a litter of kittens, mewing for attention.

At first, just like look-alike kitties, it’s hard to tell one chiropractor
from another.

Same education, same degree, same license, same service,
same head-scratching words.

However, when you look more closely, chiropractors are distinctly
different from each other, especially how they adjust (treat) spines
for lower back pain, neck pain, headaches, hip and leg pain, and
other related areas.

In fact, no two chiropractors adjust spines
exactly alike.  


The Chiropractic Conundrum.

Oh dear! If all chiropractors are different, using different methods
to adjust, then how do you know which chiropractor to go to?

The short answer: you don’t.

Not until you give that chiropractor a try.

Yes, a strong referral helps, but there’s no substitute for one’s own personal
experience with the doctor and that doctor’s chiropractic adjustments.


Which Chiropractic Methods Work Best?

Wrong question.

Right question: Do some people with certain problems
get better results
from one adjusting technique, or a
combination of techniques, over another?
Answer: Absolutely!

Although research supports, in general, the efficacy of chiropractic care,
especially for lower back pain <click here>, forty years of experience has
taught me again and again one important lesson:

Some adjusting techniques are significantly more effective than others
for certain people with certain problems.

All experienced, highly skilled chiropractors would agree.

For instance, even within my own practice, I’ve learned
that one particular adjusting technique is a slam-dunk
for 90-95% of my patients with acute and chronic
low back pain. <click here> 

IF this time-proven procedure doesn’t erase or ease lower back pain
within two to three visits, then I reassess, change direction if necessary,
and choose a different technique OR combination of techniques.

So, yes, most well-trained, experienced chiropractors get favorable
results with their spinal adjustments.

Otherwise, we wouldn’t stay in business.

However, sometimes, one method of adjusting by one chiropractor
can be more effective than other methods used by that same chiropractor
OR other methods used by other chiropractors in different practices.

THE KEY: Find the most effective chiropractor
you, who skillfully delivers the right spinal
adjustments, freeing you from pain and boosting
your body’s mobility and function. 


Unlike Oversized T-shirts, Chiropractors are NOT
One Size Fits All.

How often I’ve heard, “I went to a chiropractor once, but he didn’t help me.
I figured if he couldn’t help me, no other chiropractor could either.
Never tried one again.”

Where did that destructive delusion come from, that all chiropractors
are exactly alike? And why does it still continue?

If this is true, then every Doctor of Chiropractic has exactly the same
level of experience and advanced training, uses identical procedures
and techniques out of the dozens from which to choose, producing
the exact same results. FOR EVERY PATIENT!

Really? Maybe it’s me, but that sounds like crazy thinking!

Furthermore, every doctor must be blessed with the exact same
personality, talents, and skills which then rules out one of the genders
(female or male) from the profession of chiropractic. Seems to me that
men and women were not created to be alike.


CHOICES: The Operative Word.

In this country glutted with too many choices, if you don’t like the food
at one restaurant, choose a different restaurant. Bad haircut? Choose a
different stylist.

Unhappy with a mechanic? Choose a different one. Not great dental work?
Choose a different dentist.

Dissatisfied with an M.D.? Choose a different M.D.

Not so with chiropractors.


What’s the deal with that?

It’s past time to strike out that worn-out, overused, damaging old wives’ tale
that if one chiropractor can’t help you, no chiropractor can help you.

There are lots of us chiropractors from whom to choose.
And, trust me,
we’re all very different from each other in
every way, except for one.

We all have the heart to help people just like you. 

If you’re not happy with me and my methods of
adjusting, don’t give up. Right around the corner
is another chiropractor who is just right for you. 

You may be delightfully surprised by a pain-to-no-pain
reward for your open mind, clear thinking, and effort!


“Success! I Scored the Perfect-Fit Chiropractor!”

An important take-away: If you’re happy with your chiropractor
and his methods of adjusting, stick with him! Congratulations for
scoring the top chiropractor for you! Way beyond low back pain
or neck pain relief, your chiropractor is invaluable to your level
of comfort, mobility, and, ultimately, your life.

However, if you’re looking for a different chiropractor (for whatever reason),
OR you’d like to find a chiropractor for the first time <click here>,
here are a few suggestions:

=> Dig deep into chiropractors’ websites and get a feel for the doctors
and their adjusting techniques. If you know which kind of chiropractic
adjustments you prefer, then search for a chiropractor using those techniques.

For example: Some people prefer manual manipulation which produces
“cracking” or “popping” sounds in the spinal joints. But, sort of like
cracking your knuckles, just because you can hear and feel “popping”
doesn’t mean those methods hurt.

Others prefer gentle, lower force adjustments which are delivered
primarily with specialized instruments. These adjustments produce
no popping or cracking. click <here>

Keep in mind that no two chiropractors adjust exactly alike.

Nevertheless, two different chiropractors delivering
excellent, but
different kinds of spinal adjustments
can both achieve the same excellent results:
with no more low back pain, no neck pain, no headaches,
or other areas
of spine-related pain.

=> Seek a strong referral—someone enthusiastic about her results and her chiropractor
as a skilled doctor and a caring person. Ask about the chiropractor’s adjusting methods.

=> Interview the doctor BEFORE starting care. Most chiropractors offer
free consultations. Take advantage of that opportunity. Speak with the
doctor on the phone or in person.

=> IF you feel comfortable with that chiropractor, his or her adjusting
methods, and fees, be bold enough to start care. To further explore how
to find the right chiropractor for you, click <here> 

SPECIAL NOTE: Don’t ever feel pressured to start care. EVER. You must
feel that a chiropractor is right for you. If, anytime during care,
you don’t feel comfortable with that chiropractor, stop care and
seek another chiropractor.

Don’t allow any chiropractor to hold you hostage!


Feeling is Believing

You may search long and hard to find the right chiropractor.

However, in the end, the ONLY way to know for sure whether a
chiropractor and her adjusting methods are right for you is to give her a try.

If you feel that mind-blowing, pain-to-no pain phenomenon that so many
people experience, whether after one visit, or in reasonable time, then
you’ve scored BIG-TIME!

You’ve ferreted out the perfect-fit chiropractor for you!